Tuesday, September 14, 2010

☞ SEE: East Village Bohemians Move to Harlem

Yesterday's news of the Uranian Phalanstery selling their two townhouses in the East Village also included that they will be relocating to Hamilton Heights. The avant-garde, bohemian art collective was founded by Richard Oviet Tyler and Dorothea Tyler over 60 years ago and has remained as a collective of artists memories. Mr. Tyler passed away in 1983 and the organization is currently run by his wife and Mehdi Matin (top photo) who had ArtForum walk through the two Greek Revival style homes on far East 4th Street in August: LINK. In order to pay some back taxes, the group recently sold the townhouses to developers and they apparently are moving to the village of Harlem sometimes in the near future: LINK. Photos courtesy of David Velasco.

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  1. Gosh. Hope they take better care of the Harlem property. Just sayin'.