Tuesday, September 21, 2010

☞ WALK: Old Mt. Morris Synagogue Updates

The protest at the old synagogue at West 123rd Street and Mount Morris Park West continues on since the property was sold this past summer. Walking by the townhouse that was purchased over the summer, one can see the Wall Street Journal article announcing its sale newly added on to the plywood blockade out front. Folks might remember that different factions of the temple are claiming ownership of the building and the sale's legality has been questioned. Does anyone have any updates (remember to have user names for comments to remain permanent)? Read more in our past post on what is arguably the oldest African-American synagogue in the United States: LINK


  1. I wish I DID have an update. I love this story. I want to see the Lost Tribe of Israel out there protesting.

  2. It's times like these that I wish Reynolds really was the know-er of all things Harlem so he could give us the inside scoop on this.

  3. Careful what you wish for. . .