Tuesday, October 12, 2010

☞ SHOP: The Harlem Flo Boutique

A reader inquired on what was going on with the old 2280 FDB condo sales office at the corner of FDB/8th Avenue and 122nd Street since Harlem Flo signs have recently been posted up (last two photos). This corner tenement building is actually not part of the new construction that takes up most of the block between 122nd and 123rd Street and that commercial space apparently was only leased out until 2280 could open up their own sales office in house.  Based on the posters that are up, there could possibly be two locations for the contemporary florist since a Harlem Flo Floral Atelier (top photo) at  2292 FDB is listed along with the Harlem Flo Boutique at 2276 FDB.  These guys must be doing great business if they can handle two stores just a block away from one another!

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  1. Luis and Stephan rock! They do the nicest arrangements... pricey, but if you want quality you gotta pay for it...