Monday, November 8, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: The Mount Morris Baptist Church

With all the news of Mount Moriah Baptist at West 127th and 5th Avenue being sold this past summer,  we wanted to take a look back at the building that may have defined the previous northern borders of the Mount Morris Park neighborhood in Harlem.  The above postcard from 1905 shows the Mount Morris Baptist Church (click on image to enlarge) as it was originally called up until 1935 when the building was transfered over to the African-American Mount Morriah Baptist congregation.  This corner of 5th Avenue is 3 blocks away from the 124th Street border of the former Mount Morris Park (today's Marcus Garvey Park) but adopted the title of that neighborhood's main worshiping society back in 1888 when it was built.  The original Mount Morris Baptist society established themselves in the area around 1843 and had formerly met in a smaller building which was torn down to make way for the larger structure: LINK

There are definitely more architecturully dramatic buildings in today's designated Mount Morris Park Historic District but one just has to walk around the couple of blocks north of 125th street at 5th Avenue to notice that some fine houses are also in that immediate neighborhood. Other north indicators of the old Mount Morris neighborhood includes the Mt. Morris Turkish Baths which resides in the corner building at 125th Street: LINK.  Check out our past post for today's official Mount Morris Park Historic District Map: LINK.


  1. is this building landmarked? Should be. There are certainly some very nice buildings in the immediate vicinity

  2. duh. You linked the delineated map of the landmark district. But there ARE some lovely buildings in the neighbourhood worthy of preserving or adapting.