Monday, November 15, 2010

☞ REVIVE: New Building at Shabazz Mosque?

Somethings is going on with the 20 foot wide building that is connected to the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque at 116th and Lenox but things look pretty unclear now.  The 3-story building with the cut-out mosque dome stucco facade at number 113 Lenox Avenue has a sidewalk shed up and plywood on the windows along with a permit up stating "new building" for the site (click on 2nd photo to enlarge).  This side building is zoned P7 which is apparently a public space or museum but it looks like the mosque sold it back in 2006 for $59.6K: LINK.  Old DOB files show that facade renovation permits had been filed from 2006-2007 but it looks like the 2010 new building permit that is currently up has not been posted on the official website at this point: LINK.  Anyone with any news or tips on what's to happen to this building?

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  1. Is it a building or just a facade? It has been that way for quite a while. The developers are the same group who built Graceline Court.