Monday, November 15, 2010

☞ DWELL: 11 East 127th Street in Contract

The townhouse at 11 East 127th Street (at far left) has been on and off the the market for the past couple of years but is now finally in contract somewhere around the $1.29 million mark.  At 19 foot wide, 4,380 square foot of space and a 3-family layout, the house is substantial enough to live in and collect some rent on the side.  Finishes are not remarkable but are also not offensive.  Location wise, this East Harlem building faces the Langston Hughes house and is on a charming side street.  It's about a 5 minute walk to the 2,3 express at 125th and Lenox.


  1. I looked at that house a few years ago. Pretty church next door. Otherwise, meh.

  2. My husband and I seriously considered that house about 2.5 years ago -- but passed. First, the neighbors next door are crazy -- they run some kind of junk/fix-it shop next door, are noisy and dirty, and are openly hostile to new neighbors. Second, there was water damage and mold up and down the back wall of the house -- this, right after rennovation. I think the upper back terrace leaked into the wall, but the owners were unwilling to look into it. Finally, the overall rennovation was, well ... meh.

    I echo Sanou's Mum -- pretty church, as far as that goes.