Thursday, February 24, 2011

☞ DWELL: Chanticleer House Sold in January

Public records now show that the former home of James Watson AKA Raven Chanticleer has finally sold.  Located at 318 West 115th Street (just west of FDB/8th), the house of the artist known for Harlem's only African-American Wax Museum was in limbo for quite some time after Mr. Chanticleer's passing in 2002.  Most of the wax statues were stored in this building for some time afterwards when family members moved into the museum townhouse next door at No. 316.  The works of art were reportedly destroyed sometimes in 2005 and the house now has been privately sold off for $775K.  There's 3,468 square foot all together and the 16 foot wide building appears to be still listed as an SRO.  All of the  ornaments that were added out front by the artist include gilded statues and hand painted murals so it is unclear now what their fate will be. Check out our past post for more on Raven Chanticleer of Harlem: LINK

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