Monday, May 2, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: Vegetarian at 14 East 125th

The storefront for the second branch of the Uptown Juice Bar just got a new awning and possibly a name to go with it. Walking just past Fifth Avenue at 14 East 125th Street, we notice that the green awning had been placed up with Vegetarian Food printed on it. This new moniker sounds more like an identifying label but we are assuming it is the name of establishment which will apparently be a juice bar and vegetarian eatery. It's not the strongest looking storefront design out there but the new space should be at least more updated inside than the other location further west. We are just hoping that no drop ceilings or fluorescent lights are involved.

1 comment:

  1. Well I certainly hope that this endeavour has more space than the other joint up the street and i do hope there will be a moratorium on people just hanging out inside.

    Uptown Juice bar is a unique concept not only just for Harlem but for NYC as a whole and I applaud the owner for starting it. As a vegan its great for me and for would be vegans and vegetarians this is a great starting point but there is much to be said about the sore lack of good customer service and that narrow space.