Monday, May 2, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Citarella Officially Exits Harlem

The signs have been up since mid-April and now Citarella has finally vacated West Harlem on 125th Street.  This retail outpost of the luxury grocery store was a story of broken community promises and also missed development opportunities. Citarella had received the 125th Street storefront back in 1999 with a promise to also set up manufacturing facilities connected over on the next block north on 126th Street.  This area of Manhattanville has been zoned for industry so it seemed like a perfect fit for all.

Unfortunately nothing ever got built besides the retail part (which never really took off) and somehow building apartments units on the factory space came into the picture. The area behind 126th Street was not zoned for residential towers and the city successfully removed ownership of the properties from Citeralla almost two years ago. So now that everything has been said and done about the prior situation, it appears that the blocks in question will mostly likely be zoned for mixed-use, taller buildings in order to attract more developers in the future: LINK


  1. Central Harlem AnonymousMay 2, 2011 at 11:10 AM

    Darn it, I loved that market.

  2. I didn't know them as a luxury grocery store. there produce was high but there meat was the best deal in Harlem. Whole chickens 99 cents,chicken wings 1.99. Chuck steak 1.69. Thanks Rangel and Bloomy I'd much rather have a vacent building