Wednesday, May 25, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: The Hamilton Theatre Revisited

A ready just asked us if we new what the building on the corner of Broadway at 146th was all about so we have set up a link list of past posts available on the Hamilton Theatre for those who missed out. The above photo from photographer Joseph Byron (from the Joseph Byron Collection, Theatre, Hamilton, Broadway & 146th Street,  the Museum of the City of New York) taken around 1915 shows the original awning cornice and marquee that used to be out front of West Harlem's most distinct theatre establishment designed by Thomas W. Lamb: LINK. Today a store called El Mundo sells a little bit of everything within the front part of the building which still has some mosaic floor tiles that intimate its past use: LINK. As for the actual theater section in the back, apparently it is still intact but in pretty bad shape as these photos show: LINK


  1. This property along with several other commercial properties in Harlem and Washington Heights have recently gone on the market for sale. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part...but maybe there is a slim chance the theatre could be restored.

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting this information. I remember it like it was yesterday...across the street was a Spanish theater La "Tapia", where current Spanish films would play. At the RKO great memories of seeing "The Thirteen Ghosts" with a skeleton swooping down from the upper right side of the screen...or "The Tingler" with Vincent Price and people jumping out of their seats; me included!