Friday, June 10, 2011

☞ SHOP: What's Opening at the Livmor?

There was a report of some type of sports bar opening at the Livmor condos on 115th Street but nothing much has happened to the lower retail shops until recent.  Construction workers have been active on the site and now a new permit has been posted up on one of the windows. More after the jump.

Based on the the paperwork filed in the last month (click on image to enlarge), it now appears that another butcher shop is arriving in Harlem. After decades of not having fresh specialty shops, it appears that many of these niche businesses are starting to show up once more. This new shop has not revealed a name yet and it probably will not take up all of the lower retail space so maybe a sports bar will arrive someday at 2131 Frederick Douglass Boulevard.  Two other butcher shops have opened in central Harlem (Harlem's Meat and Meat Market on Fifth) so there must be a demand.


  1. It does appear there will be a sports bar/lounge in the smaller space on the corner of 115th and FDB as well, according to one of the brokers for the Livmor.

  2. It is supposedly going to be a prepared food organic store. That being said until they open it is not going to be quite clear.

    Rumors would be that they are still attempting to bring a bar to the building. Why another bar is necessary with harlem tavern opening a block away I am not sure.

    Also regarding a liquor license since the church is not yet official, it appears it may be a loophole in acquiring the license and then they get to keep it even if the church opens.

  3. If this place is a butcher shop offering natural or sustainably farmed/produced meat then that is a great addition to the neighborhood. Harlem's Meat had no natural products at all the times I have stopped by. Best Yet only carries the Naturewell brand of beef which is just a subsidiary of National Beef. (Best Yet does carry organic chicken.)

  4. Not a lot to go on at this point. If we are to take the DOB permit at its word (dangling participles and all), we should watch for a particularly avante garde butcher shop occupying spaces on both the first floor and roof...