Tuesday, June 7, 2011

☞ REVIVE: What's Up with 5 West 125th Street?

We received the following tip sent to our inbox that mentions some possible future activity for the open lot of the stalled former hotel project on 125th Street and Fifth Avenue:

"On my way home last week there were a couple of gentleman standing outside the opened gate of the 126th entrance to where that hotel was supposed to go (near 5th Ave). They said a Burlington Coat Factory is being built and supposedly completed in 18 months. Shouldn't be any taller than the neighboring 4 story brownstones."

The plywood fence that surrounds this parcel just west of Fifth Avenue still has a 2012 complete date posted up on the 125th Street side so we checked current DOB permits to see if there have been any updates. Currently, a new pavement permit in conjunction with the hotel plans was just filed last month but was rejected.  This new permit request is still in conjunction with the original 14-story hotel building and thus some of the pieces do not add up here. So something still seems to in store for the empty lot but it is still unclear what will happen. Check out our past post for previous plans: LINK


  1. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of the vacant lots along 125th St. (ie. corner of 125th & Lenox Ave, proposed hotel lot on 125th bwtn 5th Ave & Lenox, corner of 125th and 5th Ave, corner of 125th and Park Ave, etc.).

  2. I use to work at the H&R Block that was on this site (the 125th St. side)before it was demolished. H&R had an office here for more than twenty years, and above us there was a lawyer's office. We got our marhing orders to leave the space sometime around 2002, or 2003 and moved across the street to the other side of 125th St. I've always thought that it was such a waste to level a vital retail space to just leave it empty for so many years. I really hope that something worth the wait eventually comes to this site.