Wednesday, July 13, 2011

☞ EAT: New Direction for Island Salad

Island Salad at 22 East 125th Street brought healthy eating to Harlem with their Caribbean inspired offerings and now appear to be ready for some major changes in the future. The first thing to note is that the distinct bamboo encased facade was recently replaced with a new awning.  More current photo after the jump.

Maybe the awning is just covering the original signage but something definitely gets lost in the character department.  Most classic shops usually have the signage exposed at the top of the storefront and a more shallow awning as just an accent that rolls out right underneath (although we do like the scalloped edge with tipping).  Red once more becomes the main theme as we have pointed out with other awnings that have gone up recently in Harlem: LINK

The other news for the purveyor of exotic healthy salads is that they will be arriving at the shuttered former La Perle Noire cafe in Central Harlem and more than a few readers have sent in tips about activity at the 131st Street corner shop on Lenox (lower photo). That commercial space has been closed since May but many folks have talked to the owner who is currently working at the former Perle space and has confirmed that Island Salad is indeed opening a second branch at this location.  Let's hope they keep the outdoor seating around since this will add to the new cafe culture in Harlem.

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