Tuesday, July 12, 2011

☞ READ: Where in Harlem is Neil Patrick Harris?

There was a slew of interviews a few years ago with Neil Patrick Harris which intimated that the actor lived in Harlem but the specifics were not clear until now. Past interviews with NPH had the celebrity mentioning Miss Mamie's for the fried chicken, the Harlem Meer at 110th Street, the Conservatory Garden and have been known to be held at a local Starbucks near his apartment: LINK.

The New York Post caught up with actor last month when he was in town for the Tony Awards and reveals that South Harlem is indeed the location of the New York pied-à-terre. Mr. Harris spends most of his time on the west coast but apparently has kept a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,100-square-foot apartment close to Morningside Park for the past several years and the Post mentions that the small building was going through a condo conversion that never quite happened: LINK.  We actually ran into the actor and partner David Burtka as they were hailing a cab across the street from the Harlem Tavern last month and now all we need is a Neil Patrick Harris sighting at Bad Horse Pizza on FDB to make things more interesting: LINK


  1. He and David are welcome at my place any time! :-)

  2. Well he IS in the Evil League of Evil...

  3. hey welcome to Harlem,but people have known he has lived here for years,he is just another guy in the neighborhood