Wednesday, July 6, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: Borden's on 8th Ave circa 1939

A photo from around 1939 shows a familiar building on the corner of 8th Avenue and 125th Street but the lower storefront originally had a Borden's milk shop.  Was this some type of soda fountain for the dairy brand that was popular back in the day?  What's also missing from the current lower photo is the elevated train tracks which is only visible via the striped support pilaster seen at the left of the top archival picture. Click on image to enlarge. Photo courtesy NYPL


  1. Perhaps it was a soda fountain because as I remember Borden's did have their own brand of ice cream that really was quite delicious.

    Directly across the street was Thomford's Soda Fountain. What a gem that was. Marble topped tables and waitresses in old fashioned uniforms with caps. The milk shakes were to die for. It dated back to the early 1900's and I think prior to WWI it was segregated.

  2. Thomfords was located on 125th and St. Nick, an yes it was segregated until the late 50's.