Wednesday, July 6, 2011

☞ DWELL: 235 West 120th Street Brownstone

The brownstone located at 235 West 120th Street just arrived on the market last month and appears to be more for the investment minded buyer.  Location wise, the 17 foot wide, renovated 4-family townhouse is just a block away from the lower FDB corridor but how does the interior hold up for the asking of $1.8 million?  Photos after the jump.

Everything appears to be pretty straight forward with very moderate finishing for roughly 4,342 square foot of space.  The block itself also has only this small row of brownstones on it and mostly consists of a school and taller buildings.  Express trains on 125th Street are a half dozen blocks away in either directions north. More details and photos on the broker site: LINK

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  1. had a loft-y moment and thought running an exposed duct through the place was a good idea?