Thursday, August 18, 2011

☞ REVIVE: A Sign Returns at M & G Diner

M & G Diner's historic signage at 383 West 125th Street had all been removed this past spring after the building's renovation but something interesting just happened today.  Folks might remember that Marcus Samuelsson salvaged the "Old Fashion But Good" neon portion back in May but it seems some other components were kept in storage. Current photos of this morning's signage return after the jump.

Apparently the corner sign was set aside after many inquiries about its fate and workers fully installed this piece of Harlem history back in its place about an hour ago.  The lower commercial space is still up for rent and we hope whoever comes along can appreciate keeping the original signage up on this intersection of 125th Street. More photos of the original storefront before renovations can be seen in our original post: LINK

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