Thursday, September 1, 2011

☞ EAT: Did Globe Trippin Close?

A Harlem Bespoke reader dropped by Globe Trippin up in Hamilton Heights at 1689 Amsterdam (just north of 143rd Street) but it appears that the coffee and tea shop has closed. Apparently the gates are down out front of the store and the interior is now completely empty.  Does anyone have any more details on the situation?


  1. I would not be shocked. This is a coffeshop that doesn't open until noon on Saturday, and is closed on Sunday...

  2. Wouldn't ya' know it, the one time I go to patronize Globe Trippin' and its closed. Its an ominous sign to see gates closed mid-week at 4:33 PM!!

    Anyway, wish there had been some notice. The website didn't indicate anything.

  3. I've walked by a few times in the past few weeks and it's always been closed. What a shame if it is...