Thursday, September 22, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: Frederick D. Circle Fountain

Frederick Douglass Circle might have opened over a year ago but the water fountain wall with the star map on it has not been up and running until now. Workers have been on site all summer and now that the dedication ceremony has past, it appears that the fountain will be functioning going forward. Current photos after the jump.

Even though the Frederick Douglass statue at the corner of 110th Street is a classic bronze, the fountain itself is purely modern in nature. The west side of the wall has a cascading affect from a steady pool of water falling from the top of the wall. Small nooks also spout out streams of water on this side of the fountain and all is emptied in a shallow linear drain at the base. The lower photo shows the east side of the wall which only has water spilling out at the base into a topographic basin. At center is a close-up of the pale green lights that represent the constellations on the path to freedom that have also been lit up as of this week.


  1. Just in time to freeze for winter. Cue more scratching of the head and $$$ spent to fix next summer.

    Nice if it works though!

  2. and of course.. with the omnipresent skateboarders!

  3. All fountains in the City's parks are drained for the winter. Always. One of the best examples is in City Hall Park, where the fountain is filled with evergreen trees and branches for the winter months, with the gas lanterns burning bright.

  4. Thanks Jeffrey !

    I didn't know that...I am hoping that this winter will be a mild one, but we don't know...