Tuesday, September 6, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: U.S.S Illinois at West 135th Street

A photo taken by photographer Berenice Abbott in 1937 shows the U.S.S. Illinois tethered over at the piers in West Harlem at 135th Street. The curious looking ship appears to basically be a large barn with wood siding attached to a boat base. Ms. Abbott was known at the time period to capture photos of old New York that was quickly disappearing and the quirky Illinois must have caught her eye while scouting about uptown.

Today another type of floating station is currently at this location as one can see from the lower photo.  This Marine Transfer Station was abandoned by the Sanitation Department for some times and some have suggested it be transformed into a public recreational facility but not much has happened on the site in the past couple of years: LINK. Archival photo courtesy NYPL

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