Monday, September 19, 2011

☞ REVIVE: What's Up With 51 East 125th Street?

A reader noticed that the old Raymond Building at 51 East 125th Street had some activity on the site and we also happen to swing by the storefront this past weekend. The building on the corner of Madison Avenue had only its lower floor opened for a retail tenant and the top floors were derelict in recent years.  There has not been a commercial tenant on site for some time and now it looks like that entire building will be getting a gut renovation.  Formerly boarded up windows are now exposed as the interior demolition begins and there will apparently be some facade modifications.  Let's hope they keep the more interesting details intact for this definitely is one of nicer old buildings to still remain intact on 125th Street.  Click on lower photo to enlarge.


  1. I so hope they don’t mess this up and I so anticipate another “Jimmy Jazz’

  2. Any update on what retail might be going into the renovated space?