Tuesday, September 6, 2011

☞ REVIVE: What's up with The Seville Lounge?

The group of storefronts on ACP/7th Avenue between 126th and 127th Street have plywood up around them and also a large blue tarp covering most of the commercial space.  So what is going on with this site that also included the Seville Lounge?  Back on August 20th, some of the walls collapsed at the front facade in the early evening and it now appears that the buildings will need future repair work to get them up and running: LINK.

DOB permits for 2131 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd show that a full vacate order has been served for the retail spaces and an approval for the construction fence has been set up.  There does not seem to be any other plans filed at this point for the future of the this block so folks should not expect anything tall and glass arriving anytime soon.

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