Monday, December 19, 2011

☞ INTRODUCING: Old and New Harlem Unite

The Daily News has really been following up on Harlem lately and now has a story on how newcomers and old timers on West 114th Street have come together to help strengthen the community.  Roberta Coleman who is head of that block's public tenant's housing association has teamed up with the president of the new president of the condo association at 2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard with a better  future in mind.

Coleman reveals that most of the block's 300 residents are seniors who do not feel safe going out at night because of persistent crime and that those said residents were first alienated by the wealthier newcomers around the corner.  Both sides now have the goal of improving the immediate area which should work out at the end since all of the old housing on West 114th will be fully renovated by the government in the near future.  Read more in the Daily News: LINK


  1. Hallelujah! That's the spirit that will make Harlem a diverse, vibrant and unique community for the future.

  2. Great story, new and old Harlem working together for a common good.

  3. Zachary C. Husser, Sr.December 19, 2011 at 11:29 PM

    Dear Roberta Coleman,

    I'm very happy to see that Ms. Roberta Coleman, President of the A. Phillip Randolph Tenants Association took the step to say what has been going down in Harlem. The "New" Jacks that just arrived in the high price residents have come on the scene thinking and acting like they own Harlem. The attitudes the new owners came to Harlem with caused some aggrevations between the Old and New Families! Now, I'm happy to note that the wealthier families, atleast on West 114th Street have decided to work together to look out for each other. I salute Ms. Roberta Coleman for her leadership in that Community for atleast three decades that I know about! Don't ever give up your Pride and always do what is best for the residents You represent. I love You Ms. Coleman.

    In the Interest of Working Together,

    Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

  4. Brother Z, I know many new Jacks who arrive in Harlem wanting to get along and be part of the community, don’t be so quick to assume most new comers have a negative attitude. In fact, most of the new jacks may be the so called bleeding heart liberals who have nothing but kindness for the people of Harlem when they arrive.

  5. It's Completely ignorant statements like the ones just made by Zachary Husser that create problems for "new jacks," "old jacks," and any other non-jacks in Harlem.

    What I find most entertaining, is the statement "in the interest of working together". If that was your interest, you would chose your words differently.

    With community organizers like Zachary, we are never going to get anywhere.

  6. Personally, I haven't seen any Harlem newcomers act like they own Harlem. An obnoxious statement if ever I have seen one. Across the board there has been a huge effort to get parks and neighborhoods cleaned up from trash littering the streets and getting dealers off the street corners. Naturally there is apprehension from some of the long time residents out there, but I think they and the community at large are starting to realize that the bulk of people coming into Harlem are not much different than themselves, mostly hard working families who simply want a decent environment to raise their kids with parks clean enough to play in on weekends. Simple as that really.

  7. If the definition of attitude from newcomers is - I pay property taxes therefore I have reasonable expectations from police, fire department, roads, schools, local library or any other public services… then yes I have attitude! And technically, I do own a piece of Harlem.

  8. JKA where is the like button for that statement!!!!!