Wednesday, June 27, 2012

☞ DWELL: 7 Sylvan Terrace Sold in April

A Sylvan Terrace home up in Washington Heights has sold as of April according to public records.  The house at 7 Sylvan Terrace  was asking for $999K which was a bit more than its neighbor at 11 Sylvan terrace which was going for $799K.  Number 7 appears to have had the renovations that attracted the right buyer since this single family, 20 x 25 foot townhouse with approximately 1,500-square-foot of interior space eventually sold for $913.4K.

Sylvan Terrace's landmark row houses are just north of Harlem proper at roughly 160th Street and many consider them one of the most unique properties in the city.  With that said, they tend to be on smaller side at and are mostly suitable for a single family home. Nevertheless, these Washington Heights homes are pretty remarkable and could work for those who do not mind being a little further north.


  1. That looks like a gorgeous block!!

  2. the block is simply amazing.

    So is the whole micro neighborhood surrouding the Jumel mansion and museum

    Worth a trip !
    but they need a nice cafe and/or bar restuarant.

    Cafe Jumel anyone?

  3. This area is gorgeous! Who knew this existed? lol