Tuesday, July 3, 2012

☞ SHOP: New Coffee Option at The Chipped Cup

The Hamilton Heights commercial corridor of Broadway has a lot of fast food options and bodegas so we were curious to see how the first artisanal coffee shop in West Harlem would turn out when it opened this weekend.  With the demand already built in, The Chipped Cup at 3610 Broadway and 148th Street saw a steady flow of customers arrive all day when the doors opened at 7:00AM.

Much of the offering outside of the coffee and tea selection is still in flux and there was not really that much of a food assortment at this soft opening.  Based on the hand painted signs and the graphic artwork circulating for the coffee shop, we expected more of a 19th century feel to the establishment but there is more of an eclectic vintage vibe to the aesthetic which was pleasant enough.  Nevertheless, this is a much needed shop opening to the area and this block between 148th and 149th Street should really turn around once the Harlem Public opens later in the summer: LINK


  1. Thanks for update, I’m sure they will do well.

  2. I visited on opening day after leaving Riverbank Park. The staff was nice. There were only a handful of pastries left when I arrived. Their 'vegan' chocolate cookies we AMAZING. Did not taste anything like vegan. The iced latté was hands down glorious. They were still putting up the graphic work on the walls but the place is looking very cool. It's a nice, quaint oasis on the Bway boulevard. Just wish they were closer to my block. I still miss Café Largo.

  3. I visited this shop opening day also and thought it was super unique and adorable.
    There were cute details everywhere you looked and I got a sneak peak of their outdoor space which is super exciting. I didn't mind the limited food selection, it's a coffee house after all and their pastry offerings were delicious. The owners mentioned that more food options will be added as they get their sea legs.

    I think this is a smart strategy.