Friday, August 17, 2012

☞ REVIVE: New Signs Needed for 5 West 125th

Back in 2010, signs went up on the fence at 5 West 125th Street announcing that the construction project at hand would finish up in August 2012 but that apparently is not happening.  Walking past the lot just west of 5th Avenue, we notice the old sign with the same outdated information posted and wondered why the city has not corrected this information.  Most of the other lots that we have covered that have had official signage up from the city have completed their projects but this one appears to be a dud. Does anyone have additional information on why this development has not taken off?  Check out our past post to see what might have gone up on this lot: LINK


  1. Perfect for a Whole Foods Store

  2. The death of 125th retail as we know it will prove to be the birth of better schools in Harlem.

  3. The city should force the developers to rebuild the sidewalk on 126th St. They finally did put a sidewalk back on 125th St after what- a year or so? But they can't just leave the barricaded sidewalk on 126th St forever, can they?