Friday, October 26, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: 7th Ave & 125th c. 1905

An archival image from 1905 shows a north view of 7th Avenue (today's ACP) from the vantage point of 125th Street.  The corner building at the left and the adjacent Alhambra Theater  still exist today  but the buildings on the right corner have been replaced by the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building.  Also notable in the photo are the rather tall trees lining the avenue which were eventually removed at some point in time since smaller trees have been planted on the boulevard in more recent years.

Photo via the digital collection at the Museum of the City of New York


  1. Look how much better it looks with trees! Everyone should be adamant about lining this beautiful avenue with tall trees.

  2. I read somewhere that St. Nicholas Avenue was once called Harlem Lane and was a horse path lined with trees. There are parts of the Avenue today that have large yellow lines in the center where trees and islands of green could be planted! It would be great to green the landscape in Harlem!!!! Returning to the historical roots of this pastoral land.

  3. Yes. Let's start with filling every tree pit in harlem and identifying areas where street trees are needed! Here is the link!