Wednesday, February 13, 2013

☞ DWELL: 64 West 119th Street in Contract

The renovated Mount Morris Park Historic District townhouse at 64 West 119th Street arrived on the market for $1.9 million back in December and now has a contract out on it.  Houses in the historic district of South Harlem have been going for over $2 million if the renovations are on the higher end with original details but this 17-foot-wide, single-family brownstone has more basic finishes with mostly white drywall.

There are still a couple of shells on this particular block but the location is around the corner from several boutique businesses and close to the express trains.  The 125th Street commercial corridor and the planned new Whole Foods supermarket is less than a five minute walk away: LINK


  1. The arched door and windows are a nice feature of this home, both inside and out, but the interior is sadly lacking any detail. It looks like the contractor stripped everything and replaced it with sheetrock, likely because the contractor did not know any better. Being next to a boarded up shell does not help but still a great part of Harlem.

  2. We checked this place out and it smelled moldy! I thought that was a deal-breaker. Do any of you have experience mitigating mold in a townhouse?

  3. Getting rid of mold is all about water infiltration. For this house, if there was a mold problem, it would simply require you to check the roof, front and rear for any water / humidity. Not a major problem.

    I was in this house last year - very nicely constructed and on a nice block.