Thursday, February 7, 2013

☞ QUESTION: Ask Harlem Bespoke

If any readers out there have a question they would like to throw out to the Bespoke audience on neighborhood organizations, restoration services, property search or history, just send them over and we can possibly have it written up as a future post:

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  1. Hi there, big fan of this blog. It's excellent. I have a somewhat unusual question, but here goes:

    My fiance and I are making the move up to Harlem -- Lenox and 120th -- from the Upper West Side in the Spring. We're big fans of Thai food, which judging by all the great Thai restaurants around Manhattan is a very popular cuisine.

    In our explorations of Harlem so far, we've found some wonderful restaurants, but we have not come across any Thai restaurants. Are we mistaken? Are there any potentially on the way? Speaking of which, what is the Asian food scene like in Central Harlem? Thanks for this wonderful blog.