Wednesday, February 6, 2013

☞ BESPOKE: Gilt Letters in London via Sugar Hill

The custom gilt signage company call See. Painting, Inc. in Sugar Hill sent in a few photos of some work they have been doing at the new Balthazar restaurant in London. The owner of the gold lettering company just hand painted the gilded signage and decorative behind glass painting at the new eatery for Keith Mc Nally and Richard Caring overseas.  This is the international branch of the famous Balthazar restaurant founded originally in New York City and See. Painting, Inc. also gilded and painted the house number sign for the glass transom of Keith McNally's private home in Notting Hill.

Goldleaf or gilding is both elegant and durable and uses paper thin sheets of gold metal as the base but apparently not many craftsmen still specialize in this technique.  See. Painting, Inc. has reported that they have been receiving a lot of businesses from Harlem brownstone owners who have been using their services to restore the numbering on uptown's historic doorways and entry transoms.  Check out the contact information on their website for those interested in such services: LINK