Monday, March 4, 2013

☞ EAT: Brunch at Harlem Public

Harlem Public on West 149th and Broadway introduced brunch a week ago and we decided to drop by on Sunday.  The brunch menu at the West Harlem eatery is only offered up on Sundays and the establishment was packed soon after the noon opening.  Our main goal was to check out the biscuits and gravy on the menu which came out with fried eggs on top and side of mango fruit salad.  There was also a hint of maple syrup flavor in sausage gravy which made it a bit more complex than expected but it all hit the spot.  Classic brunch drinks are served up alongside the menu offerings but seeing that the Harlem Public is mainly a bar, do not expect any coffee to be served up.  Check out he full brunch offerings on the Harlem Public Facebook site: LINK


  1. Big fan of Harlem Public for sure. Great food nice atmosphere excellent owners.

  2. I was there on Sunday too, and was quite disappointed in the lack of coffee. How hard would it be for them to get a coffee machine...? Also, even though it was just past noon, the place had a lot of rowdy, loud drunk people (not eating, just drinking)... so it wasn't exactly a placid brunch experience. But hey, if that's the scene, I'll just go for the bar atmosphere and not so much for brunch.