Thursday, August 22, 2013

☞ LISTEN: Showmans Jazz Club on 125th Street

We received the below tip from a regular of Showmans Jazz Club on 125th Street which now has the record of being Harlem's longest running jazz lounge until the new Minton's Playhouse opens up in the fall:

Showmans Jazz Club has existed at least 75 years (since 1942). The lounge was initially on 125th Street next to the Apollo. Then the club was forced to move to 8th Avenue, and once again to move from the new Magic Johnson complex on 8th Avenue between 124th and 125th Street. Showmans now owns the premises it occupies and is well managed and co-owned by Mona Lopez who treats her customers as guests in her home. The music is provided by a variety of notable Jazz musicians whose schedules are frequent and music dynamic. Showmans Jazz Club is clean, well decorated and what I like most is they honor great jazz musicians of the past by displaying large portraits of icons of the Harlem Jazz era. Please inform your readers about this wonderful club at 375 West 125th Street between St. Nicholas Avenue and Convent Avenue.


  1. Thanks for review, worth checking out

  2. They were forced to move out of Magic Johnson's? I didn't know that.

    Anybody know what happened there?

    I know its old news but I'm kinda curious as to why that would happen.

  3. "Showmans Jazz Club" was not forced out of the Magic Johnson Complex! All commercials on the w/s block of 8th Ave. between 124th and 125th
    moved because the new and attractive Magic Johnson Complex was proposed for that site.

    I want Harlem and the world to know that Al Howard has owned and operated this great club
    for many years. Al and co-owner Mona Lopez will continue to operate the club in the tradition that has been an ongoing exception to other clubs regardless of location.

    And yes! I will always be a regular patron
    at Showmans Jazz. The latter is because I truly appreciate the professional way it is managed and the personal touch one receives when they enter the premises.