Saturday, August 10, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: The City's Largest Beer Hall c.1904

The A.H. Meyer’s Pabst Harlem Restaurant building still stands today at West 124th Street just east of FDB/8th Avenue.  One can see from the lower photo that the interior used to be a large dome that had tableseating on the ground floor and apparently a Christmas tree as tall as the ones delivered to Rockefeller Center a few decades later used to be installed inside during holiday season.  Today, the building's architectural details are slowly deteriorating and is basically under utilized as a storage facility.  How great would this be if someone could take over this space and restore it for commercial use again?


  1. Somebody please renovate and reopen this Beer Hall!!
    It would be so amazing to have a true German Beer house, with Sausages, Pretzels, Spit roasted Chicken and Pork. And, Great Beer of course!!

  2. Sort of reminds me of Cipriani Wall Street!! This would make a great event space!