Thursday, November 21, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: Sugar Cube Affordable Housing

The new affordable housing above the planned Children's Museum on Sugar Hill will have 124 rental units with 50 percent reserved for artists those who live in West Harlem.  This new construction at 155th and St. Nicholas Avenue will be ready sometimes in 2014 and applications are all due by January 3rd.  Applications for the lottery can be found at this site: LINK


  1. Thank you for sharing the important news that the housing lottery for Sugar Hill is now under way.

    However please note an important correction to the information you posted: the community preference for housing at Sugar Hill applies to all residents of Community Board 9 including but not limited to artists.

  2. i love the mix-use aspect of the building but truly dislike the design. It does not fit into the neighborhood. looks like a prison