Tuesday, January 21, 2014

☞ EAT: The Harlem BBQ List

Green Apple BBQ in East Harlem closed in 2011 and that only leaves a couple of good spots worth recommending in Harlem to actually have Southern BBQ.  Regional comfort food has been a big trend in New York City but Harlem's stock of the good old classics have been dwindling the past decades.  Below are our top spots in Harlem for 2014 so far but more good eating should arrive when BBQues Smoke Shack moves uptown: LINK

Dinosuar Bar-B-Que, 700 West 125th Street and 12th Avenue, West Harlem, Manhattanville.  The Syracuse roadhouse chain is the king of BBQ in the city and folks should plan to book ahead because waits are usually an hour for a great table in the main room.  Walkin-ins can just get a drink at the large side saloon and sometimes a first-come-first-serve table opens up sooner by the said bar area.  Dinosaur has been around in Manhattanville since 2004 but had to move six years later down the block because of Columbia University's new construction in the area.  Check out more on Dino BBQ in our past post when they opened in 2010: LINK

Harley's Smoke Shack, 355 East 116th Street by 1st Avenue, East Harlem.  Harley's opened back in 2011 and provides the same sort of casual ambiance as Dinosaur but on the east side.  This BBQ joint is open for lunch, brunch and dinner.  Check out more details on the Harleye's Smoke Shack site: LINK


  1. Racked and Soul closed its doors over a year ago unfortunately.

  2. I'm so glad you included Harley's b/s I feel like people forget it since it's on the East Side.

  3. Replies
    1. No disrespect but Harlem BBQ doesn't officially count because they don't smoke/season their own meat. It's mostly previously frozen meat slathered in bbq sauce (ala Dalla BBQ). It's decent as a casual eatery but not an authentic BBQ establishment.

  4. If you have not enjoyed the BBQ served at Best Market (yes, the supermarket FDB 118-19th) you are in for quite a surprise. It is the best I have had anywhere local, and can compete with places like The Might Quinn on 2nd ave and 6th st.

    And if you don't think $8.50 for marvelous smoked Brisket, served with two enormous sides and a square of cornbread won't feed two mid size folks... think again.

    On me if you disagree!

    1. I'm going to take your suggestion, Jim. Hopefully, they won't inform me that they only make BBQ on certain days.