Friday, February 7, 2014

☞ INTRODUCING: A Coffee Grinder Anniversary

Thursday, February 13th, 9:00PM -1:00AM, Coffee Grinder @ Lenox Coffee with DJ Tad Haes of Occupy Disco, 60 West 129th, east of Lenox Avenue.  Congratulations to the monthly party Coffee Grinder for bringing a bit of gay diversity back to Harlem.  The Thursday night event features new DJs and is the meeting spot for the LGBT community of Central Harlem.   Get ready to dance and drink...and walk home! Come meet the neighbors at this gay mixer that is free and open to all:


  1. Billie's Black on 119th and Queer Nights at El Morocco (145 and Broadway) -- two other Harlem LGBT institutions.

  2. Harlem Pride also has their mixer at Aloft every Wednesday but north of 125th in Central Harlem does not have much going on.

  3. There's also "It's Hump Day in Harlem: The Original Wed After Work Party" sponsored by CAMD Productions & held at Melba's Restaurant from 5 PM to 11PM. Every Wednesday.