Monday, March 30, 2015


One healthy food trend that is very popular these days in downtown cafes have finally made it to Harlem. Avocado toast is pretty simple since it usually entails few ingredients but the dish served on a slice of whole grain bread with a fresh mash of seasoned, creamy green goodness is a rare sight in Harlem.  We have been discovering the offerings over at The Edge on 139th Street and noticed that the new cafe had an avocado option on their menu.  One can add a protein on to the platter such as eggs or lox so we went for the former.

Served up with a side salad, and a sprinkle of nori flakes, this was one of the most delicious but healthy meals that we have had in some time. With so much of the comfort food trend happening in the city, it is often hard to get a super healthy bite when checking out hot restaurants.  Fried chicken, grilled cheese and even ramen are some of our favorites that have arrived in Harlem but it definitely is nice to have this more fashionable but fit fare debut further uptown.

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