Friday, March 20, 2015


We were talking to a nice couple at Sugar Hill Market last weekend and they mentioned that The Edge was now serving up brunch which was one of their favorites.  Since the cafe opened at the corner of 139th and Edgecombe in the past few months,  we only expected the usual pastries or coffee so dropped by for lunch yesterday to have a quick bite.

Most cafes in general tend to not have a kitchen in the back and ship pastries in from outside bakeries but The Edge is a veritable restaurant.  As far as the interior goes, small details such as fresh cut flowers, rich wood tones and antique porcelain gives the spot a lot of really nice character but will the food match up with the ambiance?   Burgers, waffles, fried egg sandwiches, savory pies, kale salads, shrimp and grits were some of the offerings but we decided to go with the bagel with smoked salmon platter which is hard to find uptown.

The simplest dishes are the easiest to mess up at and are usually the test on the taste level of the kitchen at a restaurant.  Our expectations were high now since even the water served at the eatery was flavored with fresh lemon which was a welcoming surprise.  As far as platter went, everything arrived beautifully deconstructed with the bagel nicely toasted and still very much warm to the touch.  A nice portion of fine quality lox, sliced tomato, sweet red onion, salty capers and whipped cream cheese all came together for a perfect dish.

As far as that brunch service goes, hungry uptowners should drop by on Saturday and Sundays but get there early for we hear that it is quite popular.  Dinner service is also available every night and special entrees are always featured.  We will definitely be back to this moderately priced gem on the Edge of Central Harlem in the near future and highly recommend it to anyone uptown looking for something new in dining options.  More on The Edge in our past post: LINK

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  1. They also have some great craft beer choices, wine, hibiscus mimosa and a Sangria!