Monday, March 30, 2015


More activity has been happening over at Marcus Samuelsson's new Streetbird eatery just west of FDB on 116th Street. In the past couple of weeks, a mural has gone up on the side walls and now formal signage has been installed on the side facing the subway entrance.  Things seem to be really speeding along these days and maybe an opening could possibly happen by the end of April at this rate.  Check out our past post for a preview of the menu that will hopefully be just a little more affordable for frequent diners: LINK


  1. That looks tight. Marcus Samuelson is definitely going to have another Hot Spot on his hands. That corner has so much energy w Harlem Tavern, Lolo's, and Silvana, wow. FDB & 116th. Uptown!!!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous@0954 AM but also look at how both restaurants stradle the majour public transportation lines. Marcus and his team truly have not taken the locations of these 2 restaurants lightly. It looks as though much thoughtful consideration has gone into the location as well as the menu offerings, price points and decor. It looks as though they have considered that Harlemites will be able to easily & comfortably travel from all points of this vast community to patronize his offerings.

    I have been a Marcus Samuelsson fan long before Red Rooster. I have dined at Aquavit a couple of times years ago but the location was a total hassle. Now, no more. Also, look at the location of American Table Cafe & Bar. No accident there either.

    That young man deserves all the success he can handle and I wish him the best of everything.