Friday, April 3, 2015


A quirky renovated townhouse in Hamilton Heights at 532 West 148th Street has arrived on the market for the asking of $2.5 million.  This apparently is a 2-family home owned by an artist and has been decorated literally to the rafters with the owner's work.  The location is not in the historic district but is only a couple of blocks away from the north express train entrances of the 145th Street station.  More details on the broker site: LINK

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  1. This house will be a tough sell. It's quirky and cool, but not necessarily livable. I've been inside several times for gallery shows. The master bathroom is completely open--no walls at all--even around the toilet and bath. The toilet is literally in the middle of the open floor directly facing the stairs. The configuration is odd. Each floor is treated like a loft with no partitions, no individual bedrooms.