Thursday, April 2, 2015


Rumors have been circulating in the past few months that Anchor wine bar in Hamilton Heights will debut a boutique pizzeria spot close by and that space now looks like it will open any day soon.  On the west side of Broadway just below 142nd Street, one can currently see a completed storefront waiting for the final facade signage to be installed.  Anchor just arrived a block away on 143rd Street less than a year ago so the business owner has really come up with a great combination of food and ambiance that is really taking off uptown.  We walked by yesterday and saw within that the interior is pretty much complete with an aesthetic which pairs well to the sister establishment up the block: LINK


  1. I think this place is next door to a Papa Johns. Too funny.

    Coccola on Amsterdam is really quite good, but never seems even remotely busy. This probably will not help them.

  2. Yay! Heard they were opening a pizza place when we last ate at Anchor! Hamilton Heights is exploding, love it.
    Now we just need mountain bird to open up? any info on when the new covo will be open on 151st?

  3. I've had drinks at Anchor and love the personality, I'm sure the Pizza boutique is going to really reach people. And I agree, for some strange reason Cocola is pretty slow.

    At any rate, this is certainly a great look for Hamilton Heights and Harlem In general.

    I just walked to Street Bird and let me say, omg it's got a thang going on. Such great energy!!!!

    Harlem Here We Come

  4. Back in the 80s and 90s in that same location there was a pizzeria with arcades.