Monday, April 20, 2015


Passing by Lenox and 125th Street this past weekend, we noticed that the basement level of the Whole Foods building was quickly finishing up and another level was starting to rise above the plywood.  Some have inquired about the better retailer being quiet about their move uptown as of late but we do have some news.  The supermarket's representative has been in front of the community board in the past months and is actively engaged in conversations about their involvement in Harlem .  Not only will the Whole Foods generate new jobs when they plan to take over 2 floors of the new construction, but the finer grocery retailer will also include small local food brands and sell them on the shelves in the same fashion as they promote local Brooklyn food labels.  As far as the other commercial tenants in the building go, we have the preview in our past post: LINK

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  1. Any estimate as to how long it might take to complete the rest of the structure, now that another level -- apparently the rate-limiting one -- has been added?