Saturday, May 2, 2015


Harlem Eatup! festival is just a couple of weeks away and HB got together with Top Chef Angelo Sosa of Añejo and mixologist Karl Franz of 67 Orange Street on their collaboration at Settepani in the Mount Morris Park Historic District at 120th Street. We checked in this week while the duo talked about drinks for the dinner on May 15th that is one of the hot tickets ticket for the celebrity food event.   Below is the Bespoke interview with Karl about Harlem Eatup! and those who want a table should make sure to secure a spot by May 4th which is the last day of ticket sales: LINK

HB: You launched the first speakeasy in Harlem several years back. What inspired you to start a business in Harlem?

KF: I moved to Harlem knowing that I wanted to get involved in its renaissance.  I grew up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I saw that neighborhood emerge and I felt I could help that happen in Harlem. Plus I live here and I wanted some of the experiences I was having downtown in my own neighborhood.

HB: Everyone knows you from 67 Orange Street, how did you get involved with Harlem Eatup at Settepani?

KF: I thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with another business that is iconic in the neighborhood. Settepani has always been an inspiration to me. They were one of the first to see the potential in Harlem and inspired me to do what I did on Frederick Douglass with Society and later 67 Orange Street.

HB: A lot of chefs pair wine with food. Do you think in the same way when it comes to cocktails?

KF: Absolutely. As when doing a wine pairing, I look to complement the flavors in the dishes that will be served when I create cocktails for a dinner. The cocktails should enhance the overall dining experience and not clash with the food.

HB: What kind of drinks should guests expect for the night of Harlem Eatup?

KF: For the Dine In I am doing a super refreshing cocktail called the Curiosity. It is made with Hendricks Gin, cucumber, cilantro, lime, citrus liqueur, sugar, and apple cider vinegar.

HB: The Dining and bar scene uptown has changed dramatically over the past 6 years. Where do you see things going in the future?

KF: I expect more and more places to open in Harlem by talented chefs and bartenders. The word is out that Harlem is not only fun, exciting, unique, and diverse, but that you can also be very successful in business here.  Harlem is the hottest neighborhood in NYC!

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