Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Pompette wine shop just opened at 420 Lenox by the side entrance just east of 131st Street and many folks have been mistaking the boutique business as a wine bar since it is so charming inside.  First of all, the facade restoration looks like it was made for a historic district with a worn hanging wood sign out front that is  refreshing change to what local store owners usually go for.  On the inside, the interior feels like a vintage French apartment with a vast organic wine selection as the focus.

We met the owner who happens to be a 4th generation Harlem resident who grew up a couple of blocks south of the new business on Lenox Avenue.  After working for other vintners in the past, the Harlem local decided to open up a store that featured only small vineyards that only work organically producing their goods and soon found a business partner.  Those looking for the harder stuff should check out the local brands that are made in Brooklyn that Pompette also carries in the back shelfs.

Interested shoppers should drop by at least once to check out the wonderful interior which includes hand written price labels for each selection and really great personal service.  Otherwise, the store does delivery so folks can check out Pompette online to make orders:  www.pompettewines.com

Pompette also has free wine tasting from Thursday-Saturdays in the early evening hours.


  1. This place looks wonderful and agree the handwritten cards are a homey touch. We'll be there!

  2. That is great. Beautifully assembled.

  3. How wonderful--let's all support!

  4. It's refreshing to see a quaint yet upscale wine boutique in Harlem. It's a true reflection of how the neighborhood has changed for the better. Calming atmosphere. Warm pleasant staff. A wine selection sure to satisfy all taste palettes. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. Yes we must support, this looks truly amazing and warm.

    1. I popped by today and bought a few bottles. It was a wonderful experience and I'm delighted that they are open. Let's all support & keep them in business.