Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Lulu's Taqueria has now official opened on Manhattan Avenue and 123rd Street.  We check out the packed opening day last night and also were able to grab a quick bite which included chips and fish tacos.  As mentioned by some in the past, the same partner as Cantina on ACP is involved with this new eatery in South Harlem and the two have a similar offering as far as the menu is concerned.  The big change here is the interior which is more open because of the corner location and also the hand painted details within.  All of the seating is on a high stool level so the overall ambiance is more that of a bar but the food at Lulu's is as solid as its predecessor.  We especially liked the guacamole here which was chunkier than most served uptown but really need to try more of menu to get a feel of new establishment.  This spot definitely brightens up the corner that has been dormant for the past 5 years and should be a favorite local destination especially once brunch service starts in the coming weeks.

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