Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have been working with Harlem's local designer market in helping launch new talent over the past year and just did a test run with the launch of Marielle Ejiama which is an eco fashion line based in Harlem.  Sustainable fabrics from cotton fields not polluted by pesticides that poison the soil or surrounding waterways are the base of the collection and the two partners in the new business have come up with modern silhouettes and prints that have now become best sellers. The designers all develop patterns in-house and use a small business in the city for screen printing.  From there, all of the pieces are all individually made and sewn in Harlem.  Half of the stock sold out this past Sunday at Sugar Hill Market and shoppers really embraced the idea of supporting a fashionable line that is on a mission to do something different in the world.

Not only is Mariell Ejiama organic in nature but the design duo are also part of the Slow Fashion movement.  This is a direct opposition to Fast Fashion which larger corporate world uses to produce high volume, cheap items that are basically meant to be worn for only one season before the next trend hits.  Slow Fashion entails locally produced products made in smaller runs and shuns mass production from questionable supply chains in the far reaches of the globe.  Knowing where and who made your clothing is a big part of Slow Fashion and a direct connection to the community is also of great importance.

For more on the local designer lines to look out for, follow the official SHM instagram for daily updates: LINK

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