Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We have been writing about how better restaurants are starting to set up further north in Harlem since last summer and now some of the bigger food blogs have taken noticed.  Bono Trattoria gets a stellar review Eater and the popular foodie site confirms that the Naple style pizza starting at $10 is just as good as any hot downtown or Brooklyn spot but is more affordable.  So much more has been happening in the Heights since we wrote up our list last year and even folks in Harlem can't keep up.

Another great thing about uptown neighborhoods is that they still feel like old New York.  After years of waiting, Hamilton Heights residents seeking better dining can now just hang out locally and bypass all of the attitude found elsewhere in the city.  More on that review can be found on Eater: LINK

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  1. Mt Morris area and Hamilton Heights are really becoming some great places for dinning and socializing. A theatre or music venue, hopefully is in the works, that'd be awesome