Monday, October 5, 2015


An archival photo from the Parks Department website shows Keith Haring on September day in 1986 finish up the famous Crack is Wack mural on a handball wall over in East Harlem.  This past weekend marked the 29th year anniversary of the famous artwork so we took a walk over to far East 128th Street by 2nd Avenue to see the piece in real life.  Oddly enough, the area is kind of desolate and has a used car dealership as the only major building in sight along with the highway in the not too far distance.  The small park is now call Crack is Wack playground and the outdoors space looked like it had just finished up a restoration process.  As far as the iconic wall goes, the city has really done wonders with the upkeep but right now it is gated off from the public.  For more history on the Crack is Wack mural, check out the Parks' official website: LINK

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  1. When I was there a month ago the gate has open, was able to get up close to the wall.