Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Sugar Hill Cafe at 410 West 145th Street came to the rescue again in the afternoon when our initial meal destination did not work out. We had planned to get some sushi at the new spot in the Heights for lunch but they were not quite ready yet.  The cafe located just west of St. Nicholas Avenue then came to mind for we remembered that they also have a new deluxe avocado toast with smoked salmon on the menu that we have yet to try.  Things were starting to pickup during the noon hour but we did get a decent seat at the corner and noticed the owner was not there to oversea the kitchen.  Will the quality of the food be the same?

For $10.95, this was one of the better deals to be had locally at lunchtime and we were surprised that it basically was two servings.  One slice of whole grain toast had avocado with egg while the other included the same green mash with smoked salmon.  Fresh sweet, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of salty capers rounded things out as colorful accents to the plate. Our health kick has had us looking at more fish and vegetarian options lately and this meal was both satisfy along with being good on so many levels.  Sugar Hill Cafe is one of those coffee shop options that goes beyond pastries so those who want something a little more substantial should definitely drop by.

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