Friday, November 13, 2015


A new takeout eatery called BK will be arriving on ACP just north of 128th Street in the former crepe shop space.   We received a tip that Bakari Kebe and his partner will be opening a small french coffee shop in the compact space.  Bakari was formerly a chef at some of the Gallic uptown restaurants such as Cedric, Yatanga and Lenox Saphire in past positions.   Also noted was the fact that there are no coffee shops on 7th Avenue just north of 125th Street especially with a focus on French pastries and quick bites to go.  Another point of interest is that they are also looking for a Harlem artist to do a mural next to their front door so those interested should stop in.  Work is finishing up this week and doors should open relatively soon.

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  1. They should team up w the people who are doing the beautiful work w/ the Audoban mural project. Not sure if the Audoban project extends that low, but it could be a nice idea.